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Aeronautics industry

Laser solutions for the Aeronautics industry

Laser micromachining in composite materials:


Ultrafast laser processing allows to work with a new generation of materials
such as ceramics composite and CFRP: Cutting; Engraving; Micro-drilling for optimisation of motor’s performance


Surface texturation:


Laser surface treatement without post-processing for:

  • Composite-cleaning
  • Surface-activation before montage
  • Increasing of tribology properties in metals

Marking for traceability:


Laser marking offers rapidity and flexibility process for identification and traceability, on composite materials at different production stage, on cables and plastics and by intra-volume marking in transparent materials

Nondestructive analysis by terahetz:


The non-ionizing terahertz radiation allows intra-volume non destructive examinations in a large range of materials, for dimensional testing (thickness, surface...), detection of defects (cracks, inclusions and material pollution) and homogeneous analysis by spectrum measurement.


Laser solutions for embedded systems:

  • Laser sources and fiber components: End fittings of fibers, Multimode pump combiners, High power connector, Developement of laser sources, continuous wave or pulsed fiber, from visible to infrared
  • Laser applications: Laser inition for combustible chamber, Laser inition for opto-pyrotechnics, LIDAR application, New lighting application
  • Laser testing of integrated circuit (Atlas-i platform): Sensibility of radiation testing, Map making of sensibility zone, Other effects (failure analysis,...)

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