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ALPhANOV has developed end-caps for optical fiber, capable of handling very high average powers up to several kilowatts.

Two types of end-caps for photonic crystal fibers:

Petit end-caps PCF


Small end-caps:

  • For all PCF fibers
  • Pure silica
  • Different diameters and lengths available
  • On-demand polished angle

A small end-cap can be used either to protect the fiber micro-structure from dust and humidity or to decrease the beam fluence at the input or output interface without modification of the N.A.

End-caps 5x5mm


5x5 mm end-caps:

  • For LMA or DC fiber
  • Conical geometry
  • Pure silica
  • 0° or 5° polished angle with AR coating

These end-caps are used for high-energy systems. Their unique geometry allows for a strong bond with the fiber, providing the possibility to attach them easily in a mount.

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