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As a technology center, ALPhANOV is able to address special requests on PCF interfacing through feasibility studies or developments.

3 types of special termination:

Splices - special termination


  • All kinds of PCF fibers
  • Combination of different splices possible: PCF to PCF fiber or PCF to standard fiber
  • PM alignment
Lenses - special termination


  • GRIN lenses: ALPhANOV has developed a process to splice and control GRIN lenses for micro-structured fibers. The behavior of the lens can be simulated ; the focal length and the beam waist can be controlled.
  • Ball lenses
Mode field adapter & tapers

Mode field adapter & tapers (MFA):

  • For fiber with different MFD
  • Up to 40 µm fiber core size
  • PM alignment

The mode field adapter (MFA) is a component that reduces connection loss between fibers with different mode field diameters. The most extreme MFA from our standard product range connects 6 µm and 40 µm core fibers.

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