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Specialty optical fibers

You must select and implement specialty optical fibers? Our expertise, our connectors and fittings help you in this sometimes complex task.
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PYLA  is the "Route des Lasers" competitiveness cluster training platform. 

Founded in 2005, PYLA consists of a steering committee formed by Alpha-Route des lasers, the Bordeaux 1 University for Science and Technology, Bordeaux Segalen University and CEA-Cest


Pyla's assets


Pyla is comprised of several recognized training and research organizations.  As such, it can count on speakers experts in their fields, from both companies and research laboratories.


It offers:

  • A catalog of more than 40 courses
  • Courses from 1 to 10 days with an accent on practice
  • Tailored training for SMEs / SMIs, large groups or research institutions at national and European level


Thanks to its network of experts, it is able to offer training on very diverse subjects: laser, laser safety, optics and optical design, optoelectronics, optomechanics, lighting and photometry, LEDs and OLEDs, high energy lasers, ultra-high energy and ultrafast laser , fiber optics, metrology, terahertz imaging, image processing, photovoltaic, radiation protection, ultra cleanliness, ...


It affects a wide audience of designers, manufacturers, integrators and users of laser and optical technologies in many sectors: health, space, defense, automotive, mechanical engineering, watches, energy, scientific research, large instruments , environment, ...


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