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Specialty optical fibers

You must select and implement specialty optical fibers? Our expertise, our connectors and fittings help you in this sometimes complex task.
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Fields of expertise

Laser micromachining

From process development to custom production system: feasability studies and implementations at every step of your production process.


Based on the experience gained within the platform for laser applications in Aquitaine (PALA) at the CELIA laboratory, ALPhANOV is now capable to apply to a large number of materials the possibilities offered by laser micromachining techniques: ABS, stainless steel, aluminum, silicon carbide, ceramics, Kapton, gold, PC, PET, platinum, PMMA, quartz, silicon, glass, ...

ALPhANOV engineers and technicians have developed and characterized a range of processes for drilling, cutting, marking, engraving, texturing or ablating these materials from the micron scale up to a few millimeters, with great accuracy and machining quality.  With these techniques, the functionality of the materials is preserved and the heat affected zone is restricted. These skills can be used to serve your needs, whatever your industry: aeronautics, watches, luxury, pharmaceutical, biomedical, transportation, ...

ALPhANOV capabilities, both human and material, enables it to offer a range of services and products, and to intervene at all stages of the manufacturing process:

  • Studies based on knowledge of the interaction process
  • Experimental validation with a large pool of laser sources and instruments of measurement and control
  • Preparation and characterization of industrial processes
  • Manufacturing of prototypes and small series
  • Support for the integration of laser machining processes in industry
  • User training

Its proximity to companies developing laser sources and its own expertise in the field give it quick access to the latest innovations, and it enables a wide choice in terms of pulse duration, wavelength, repetition rate and of the beam characteristics.


Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can analyze your needs and discuss the best way to meet your expectations!


All our equipments

Laser sources development

Design and development of innovative laser sources based on specialty optical fibers and micro-components in free space.




Knowledge in rare earth doped fibers, combined with the use of optical fibers or nonlinear crystals, is utilized for the development of laser sources operating at various wavelengths. Meanwhile, ALPhANOV has acquired a unique expertise in integrated optics and micro-optics in free space for the realization of very compact laser heads that add functions to power lasers.


This competency means that today, ALPhANOV is able to realize functions such as pumping of active fibers or frequency conversion in compact, robust, and fiber-coupled design.


These laser sources are frequently developed through collaborative projects, in order to achieve specific optical functions. They can also be designed for applications or processes that require laser beams with well-defined characteristics.


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The PDM (Pulse-on-Demand Module)

Helicopter turbine ignition with a laser: the CALAS project

Fiber components

Interfacing and integrating specialty optical fibers in order to achieve compact components.






ALPhANOV has developed expertise around the interfacing and integration of specialty optical fibers such as rod-type, micro-structured, or hollow core fibers. It has developed a range of fiber components, such as pumps combiners, mode converters, connectorisation systems for micro-structured doped fibers, and endcaps capable of handling very high average powers, up to several kilowatts.


In the low power range, ALPhANOV can satisfy a wide gamut of requests for connectorization of fiber optic sensors, medical and industrial endoscopes.  It can also provide various optical fiber assemblies through its range of combiners, and fiber bundles.


Along with these components, now integrated into commercial laser sources, ALPhANOV also responds to specific needs in the functionalization of specialty optical fibers: tailored connectors and endcaps, welding or polishing services. ALPhANOV can also add optical functions at the tip of a fiber through prisms, lenses, orother optical components.


Check out

1-to-3 high-power multimode fiber combiners

Specialty optical fiber endcaps

High-power & high-precision collimator

kW-class N+1>1 combiners

Optical fiber interfacing

Laser and optical systems

Development of laser and optical systems, from optoelectronic subsystems to complex laser devices.


ALPhANOV brings together expertise in opto-mechanics, electronics, optics, microscopy and lasers.  These skills are put to use to help you design and develop a range of optical, electronics, and laser subsystems and systems.


The activity "optoelectronic subsystems"  encompasses the design, adaptation and evaluation of the reliability of components or assemblies of optoelectronic components, including laser diodes, optical switches and MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems ).


Regarding advances in electronics, the highly modular electronics components that were developed for lasers can bring to market innovative solutions to meet new applications.  They can also adapt to your specific needs. Diode control at the sub-nanosecond level is another important topic.


Additionally, ALPhANOV offers design services and development of optical systems.  It can also foster the development of fiber scientific and technical instruments, within collaborative projects or for your own specific needs.


Finally, the development of complex custom laser systems is a recurring activity, so you can apply micro-machining processes within your company, or develop new laser processes within research projects.


Industrial technical means

  • Comprehensive platform for design and simulation of optical systems and laser
  • Wavefront analyzer and laser metrology device
  • UV / Vis / NIR spectrometer covering the range 200 to 1100 nm
  • Autocollimator
  • Image acquisition station


Find out more about:

The VESUVE project: UV Laser for marking cables

Towards a platform of expertise and resources around components, modules and subsystems based on laser diodes: the DIODE project


Laser solution for IC evaluation

From laser sources to microscope and whole station, ALPhANOV develops innovative solutions for IC evaluation









Imaging and vision

Realization of machine vision systems, and imaging. Thermal and infrared metrology.


ALPhANOV has developed know-how and expertise in the field of imaging, of machine vision and of microscopes adaptation.


Engineers and technicians are able to develop components, systems and solutions for thermo-optical characterization and for infrared and thermal metrology. With their partners, the CEA thermal and optics laboratory, the TREFLE laboratory, and the Thermoconcept company, they meet the needs of industry and academia for applications in the fields of non-destructive testing, biomedical imaging, defense and security. They are also actors for analysis applications, eg in the field of artistic works.


They can also develop custom imaging solutions, including machine vision solutions that adapt to the most complex situations: microscopy, low light, hard to reach, or harsh environment, real-time in-line sorting, ... Their industrial partners, including i2S and Proditec companies can complete the innovative solutions developed within ALPhANOV by integrating them into sub-systems and commercial systems.


ALPhANOV has developed an expertise in adapting microscopes, so they can be coupled with powerful pulsed lasers. The laser pulse energy, transported through the microscope objectives, can interact with biological tissues or integrated circuits.


Finally, ALPhANOV puts at your disposal its expertise and equipment resources in the design and simulation of optical systems and laser systems. It also provides manufacturing, test and complete characterization of the systems designed. It can also assist its clients in prototyping and producing small series.

Light/living tissues interaction

From the development of new therapeutic methods to clinical trials and pre-industrialization, Alphanov works with you to give shape to your laser projects in biology and in health.


The interest of lasers in the medical field has been demonstrated for ophthalmology, dermatology, or dentistry and commercial therapeutic systems have been used for many years. R & D in these areas consists in developing new techniques and validating the use of new generation laser sources. Meanwhile, R & D is also directed towards expanding to other fields of application: cancer treatment or detection, gene transfer, tissue engineering ... The strengths and performance of the laser tool are then exploited to execute medical acts that are precise, hygienic, safe and reproducible.


ALPhANOV studies new mechanisms of interactions between lasers and living tissue in-house, and it can assist you in your medical projects, from the development of new therapeutic methods to clinical trials and pre-industrialization.


Know-how of its teams covers sub-cellular to hard or soft complex tissues interaction. Its activities include laser assisted bioprinting and laser surgery in ophthalmology or dentistry. Alphanov also has expertise in the machining of implants: change in volume of the refractive index of eye implants, stents manufacturing ...


Thanks to a strong partnership with laboratories and physicians in particular through the link woven with INSERM and the University Hospital of Bordeaux, ALPhANOV can support, develop, give shape, or invent therapeutic solutions based on the use of the latest generation of lasers including femtosecond lasers. Based on its understanding of the interactions between a laser beam and living tissues, and through a large pool of versatile laser systems optimized for handling biological media, ALPhANOV designs and develops processes tailored to the needs of the medical community. Its role ranges from mere backing to its partners' or its customers' investigations, to complete handling of the development of therapeutic procedures: proof of concept, process development, prototyping of optimized medical devices, junction with clinical trials related structures.


  • Studies based on the understanding of the interaction processes between lasers and living tissue
  • Experimental validation with a large pool of laser sources, and of measurement and control instruments
  • Development and characterization of therapeutic procedures
  • Manufacturing of prototypes and small series
  • Support for animal studies and clinical trials

Its proximity to companies developing laser sources and its own expertise in the field enable quick access to the latest innovations, hence it offers a wide choice in terms of pulse duration, wavelength, repetition rate, and beam characteristics.


Some areas and examples of applications:

  • Corneal and cataract surgery
  • Nanoparticles production
  • Laser assisted bioprinting for 3D reconstruction of organs
  • Volume microfluidic
  • Change in refractive index of implants


Technical means:


Technological support

From assembling collaborative projects to technological support to entrepreneurship, ALPhANOV works with you on your industrial projects.

Through close relationships with research laboratories (LOMA, CELIA, LP2N, IMS, TREFLE, ...) and with local photonics companies, ALPhANOV intervenes throughout the innovation process.

  • Assembling collaborative projects: search for academia or industry partners, consortium coordination, financial engineering
  • Industrialization: ALPhANOV extends to its partners its engineering skills to assist in the design and production phases of industrial products
  • Business creation: ALPhANOV offers to business start-ups a professional environment and technology facilitating the sharing of ideas and solutions, and facilitating the validation of concepts and the development of prototypes

ALPhANOV operates seamlessly with the other Aquitaine actors that  support industrial development: ALPhA association that manages the  Route des Lasers competitiveness cluster, Aquitaine technopoles and Bordeaux Unitec in particular that provide strategic support to business creation, the Route des Lasers SEML that is able to meet the real estate needs specific to the photonic sector, Aquitaine Sciences Transfert, in charge of technology transfer between laboratories and industry, the Ministry of Research, OSEO, the Aquitaine Regional Council and all local authorities involved in the financing of industrial projects.



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