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Specialty optical fibers

You must select and implement specialty optical fibers? Our expertise, our connectors and fittings help you in this sometimes complex task.
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Laser micromachining

Investigations, prototyping, small series, complex systems, ALPhANOV controls the entire chain of processes of laser micromachining.


Based on 10 years of experience in laser processes and on its understanding of the light-matter interaction phenomena, ALPhANOV carries out laser micromachining services for its customers' benefits. These cover the entire development cycle of a process:


  • Technology watch
  • Feasibility studies 
  • Experimental validation
  • Characterization, quality control and measurements
  • Prototyping
  • Small series
  • Customized systems


Target applications range from surface drilling to surface texturing, through cutting, marking, engraving, ... and on many materials: metals, ceramics, polymers, glasses, as well as on living tissue.


To provide these services, ALPhANOV benefits from a large pool of lasers, covering a range of wavelengths from ultraviolet to infrared, continuous wave or pulsed, with pulse durations down to the femtosecond and powers up to several hundreds watts. This versatility enables it to adapt to the specificities of each sector: aerospace, pharmaceutical, biomedical, transportation, microelectronics, ...


The micromachining processes used offer many advantages: high precision, good machining quality, restricted heat affected zone, conservation of materials functionality. Its diverse measurement and quality control equipment means ALPhANOV is able to reliably characterize the outcome of each process: optical microscopes with image analysis system, confocal laser scanning microscope, point measurement microscope with a workstation.


Its proximity to the laser manufacturers and its own competencies in developing innovative laser sources entails that it benefits from a quick access to the latest technologies, and it gives ALPhANOV a competitive edge in the development process. Its independence vis-à-vis laser suppliers guarantees its customers the choice of the best technology.


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Optical fiber interfacing

Connecting, integrating, soldering, polishing: ALPhANOV meets your needs related to the use of specialty optical fibers. Find out below our catalogue about these capabilities.

ALPhANOV's know-how covers interfacing and integration of specialty optical fibers such as "rod-type", micro-structured, and hollow core fibers. The expertise developed through its internal R & D center enables it to meet the specific needs of its clients in the implementation of specialty optical fibers:

  • Realization of connectorisation systems 
  • Implementation of endcaps capable of handling high average power
  • Development of custom components, such as mode converters, pump combiners, multimode couplers
  • Achievement of optical functions at the fiber tip via prisms, lenses, ...

Its services range from needs analysis to small series, through the development of procedures, prototyping and performance characterization. It relies on many technical edges:


  • 3SAE Large diameter splicing system LDS 
  • Welding platform Vytran GPX-3400
  • Cleaver from Vytran
  • Fujikura FSM-100P welder +
  • CO2 laser welding platform
  • Universal polishing platform
  • Beam analyzer
  • Autocorrelator
  • Beam diagnostic tool UV-VIS-NIR
  • Spectral measurements platform(200-1200 nm)
  • KiloWatts components characterization bench


Examples of realization

• NKT fibers connectorisation: DC-200/40-PZ-Yb

• NKT hollow core fibers connectorisation

• Large endcap fusion splice on fibers


Catalogue for PCF fiber interfacing

Optical design

ALPhANOV offers its expertise and technical resources to design, model, and characterize optical systems and lasers.


ALPhANOV is involved throughout the development of your projects, from defining your needs and translating them in terms of performance and optical tolerance, to the characterization of prototypes, and the integration of optical systems into complex systems.

  • Calculation, analysis and tolerancing of optical combinations
  • Calculation of optical systems for lasers
  • Calculation in Fourier optics (diffraction, imaging)
  • Design of opto-mechanical bench
  • Ruggedization of opto-mechanical systems
  • Wavefront metrology and optical performance measurements


Integrated circuits testing

In partnership with the IMS laboratory of the University Bordeaux 1, ALPhANOV has developed a system for laser testing of integrated circuits, that is available to manufacturers.


This system can generate, through a method of non-destructive testing, a mapping of the integrated circuits analyzed, showing their photoelectric response to a laser stimulation.


The beam is focused on the circuit board by means of a microscope objective, and the system analyzes the change in its output and in its power supply using an oscilloscope. This information is used to identify particular areas of the circuit sensitive to radiation and that generate localized photoelectric effects.

The test platform includes:

  • a laser injection system using a microscope objective
  • motorized stages for positioning the circuit board underneath the laser beam
  • power supply circuits for the component
  • control and command software for all parameters
  • an oscilloscope for measuring and analyzing the changes induced by the laser stimulation
  • a data recording and mapping system


The set-up may also provide a parametric study of the laser energy or of the voltage applied to the component in particular.


Technical specifications

  • Laser: wavelength 1030 nm, pulse duration from 200 fs up to 5 ps, repetition rate from single-shot up to 250 MHz, energy of a few nJ
  • Optical Resolution: 1 to 5 microns
  • Translation stage for the circuit: range 50 x 50 mm, 50 nm resolution

Reliability of optoelectronic components

Estimating the lifetime of optoelectronic components according to their use.


The lifetime of optoelectronic components depends largely on the application in which they are implemented (space, military, transportation ...) and therefore their conditions of use.


ALPhANOV offers test plans to test the robustness of components based on the following conditions: active aging, thermomechanical tests, radiation, ESD (Electrostatic Discharge), ...


Engineers and technicians are then able to implement these test plans:

  • determination of the means required, standard or custom
  • realization of custom benches and aging systems
  • implementation of analysis technologies: visual inspection, microscopy, spectroscopy, imaging, electro-optical characterization
  • failure analysis
  • modelling of the electro-optical response of components and estimation of its drift versus time
  • determination of the degradation kinetics and proposed mathematical models to estimate the components lifetime

ALPhANOV testing platform also enables tests to analyze the compliance to standards such as Telcordia, MIL-STD, IEC ...


Nanoparticles production using laser ablation

Femtosecond laser ablation allows the production of nanoparticles in liquid solution, without using any chemicals.


ALPhANOV has developed an expertise in the production of nanoparticles in liquid solution by laser ablation, a technique that is simple, clean and adaptable to many materials. Customers and partners have available nanoparticles solutions in a wide choice of liquids.


The laser ablation method used by ALPhANOV fragments, with an infrared pulsed laser, macroscopic material to particles of nanometric size.  Nanoparticles in liquid solution are thus produced without the limitations of traditional techniques that most often use chemical methods. It is simple to implement and lends itself to prototyping of nanoparticles of complex materials.


Nanoparticles proposed by ALPhANOV, free of any contaminant, can be used in many fields, such as biomedicine, materials science and nanotechnology.

Micro-optical modules

Making optical systems more rugged and compact.


Some optical functions require the use of specific components and can not be achieved with and entirely fiber solution.


To meet this need, ALPhANOV can realize custom-made ruggedized optical systems, requiring no alignment thanks to a proven technology.


Modules thus designed are compact and robust systems, that can be integrated into more complex structures, including industrial and harsh environments.

This expertise can be used in particular to complement fiber optic technology to make custom fiber components such as frequency doubling modules.

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