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Launch of a new fiber laser: Ti-PULS


ALPhANOV completes its PULS product range with a new fiber laser: Ti-PULS!

Ti-PULS is a new generation of fiber laser with unique performances, delivering sub-40 fs pulses at 800 nm with nanojoule energy (> 2 nJ).

Fiber laser Ti-PULS Ti-PULS exploits ALPhANOV's know-how on modeling, source design and fiber laser components. This laser, specifically designed to injecte high energy Ti: Sapphire amplifiers, completes the ALPhANOV PULS product range.

Ti-PULS is a passively-cooled monolithic fiber solution, originally developed to be a real economical and compact alternative to Ti: Sapphire oscillators. This laser is also intended for other applications, such as multiphoton imaging or biophotonics.

Always attentive to the customer needs, ALPhANOV proposes to customize its lasers with tailor-made solutions to meet your most ambitious requests.

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