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Custom Laser Development

At the core of ALPhANOV is the development of custom laser sources tailored to your applications.



After years of R&D in fiber lasers, our team of skilled physicists, engineers and technicians are willing to face any challenge.To build your custom laser sources, we take special care in providing you with different financing schemes: from off-the-shelf solutions to dedicated collaborative project funding, together we will find the best way to move forward with your project.


Laser source development

A modular design for your laser sources

Depending on your need, we support you in all phases of your laser development:

  • Drafting specifications
  • Feasibility tests
  • Optical, mechanical and electronic design
  • Assembly
  • Development of a piloting software
  • Reliability test
  • Validation of the application
  • Production of pre-series
  • Transfer assembly procedures to your teams if necessary

    We believe it is possible to develop custom lasers sources with a level of craftmanship similar to that of industrial, high-volume products. Our strategy is to develop highly specialized optical modules, using dedicated engineering methods to make them easily compatible. Depending on your requirements, your custom laser can then either be integrated into a single housing or into multiple elements.


    Laser diode

    Laser Oscillator

    Laser oscillator


    Laser amplifier


    Nonlinear module


    Dispersion control

    Pointing Stabilisation

    Pointing stabilisation

    Pulse Picking

    Pulse picking

    Pulse Control

    Pulse control

    Beam Shaping

    Beam shaping

    Fiber Delivery

    Fiber delivery

    Some examples of laser sources realisations

    • Picosecond laser at 780 nm for prostate cancer diagnosis
    • Compact sub-40fs fiber seeder at 800 nm for ti:sapphire lasers
    • Air-cooled 200W at 940 nm laser source for material processing
    • Ajustable temporal shape laser, 200µJ at 1064 nm for material processing
    • High efficiency SHG resonant cavity module for a 1W CW single-frequency laser at 461 nm, for atom trapping
    • 350W single frequency fiber amplifier for gravitational wave detection


    Technology transfer

    ALPhANOV can accompangy your project from the prototype to first pre-series. After having successfully developed your laser, our mission becomes to transport the product in its entirety to your teams, through a technology transfer agreement.

    The technology transfer includes the intellectual property, a complete training, the full documentation from definition files to acceptance test procedure, the complete procedure for building the laser including the list of machines and tools, and our recommendations in terms of human resourcing profiles to hire.

    • Complete training
    • Full technical documentation
    • Manufacturing procedure
    • Human resources aspects
    • Intellectual property


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