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AeroDIODE - Optoelectronics and laser diode drivers

For several years, ALPhANOV has acquired different skills in optoelectronics and has successfully developed a wide range of control modules for optical components. These technologies, which have now reached maturity, were transferred, on January 6, 2020, to the very young company AeroDIODE.

AeroDIODE offers a complete range of high-end precision devices such as:

  • Laser diode drivers (pulsed Laser diode drivers, low noise laser diode drivers, high power laser diode drivers, fiber laser diode drivers)
  • Fiber-coupled laser diode sources (1064 nm laser diodes, 976 nm laser diodes, high power laser diodes...)
  • Fiber optic modulators
  • SOA pulsed drivers
  • Fiber laser diode drivers
  • High speed synchronization electronics (pulse delay generator, pulse picker, digital delay generators, AWG…)
  • Laser diode qualification test systems

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