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Laser processing

Based on the development of customized laser processes for R&D systems, we intervene at every stage of your industrial process.

ALPhANOV's skills, both human and material, allow us to offer a wide range of services in the area of laser processing and to intervene at all stages of the industrial process: Surface texturing - laser processing

  • Studies based on knowledge of laser interaction processes
  • Experimental validation thanks to a wide range of laser sources and instruments of control and measurements
  • Development an characterisation of industrial processes
  • Manufacture of prototypes and small production runs
  • Support for the integration of laser machining processes in industrial environment
  • User training

Our engineers and technicians have developed and characterised a whole range of laser processes that allow you to drill, cut, mark, engrave, ablate or texture several kinds of materials, on the scale of microns to millimetres with high accuracy, machining quality, conservation of the functionality of materials, and limitation of the heat-affected zone:


Etching - controlled ablation

  • Engraving of all types of materials

Selective ablation

  • Selective ablation of all materials depending on the properties of the substrate and the layer to be eliminated

Laser shock peening

  • Laser shock peening of metals

Machining of transparent materials

  • Cutting
  • Welding
  • Drilling
  • Engraving

Laser drilling

  • Drilling with control of conicity on the following materials: metals, ceramics, transparent materials
  • Multi-drilling with control of conicity on all types of materials

Laser cutting

  • Cutting of all types materials

Surface texturing

  • Surface texturing of all types of materials
  • Surface functionalisation of all materials (depending on the desired function)
  • Remodelling (non-ablative process) of metals

Intra-volume marking

  • Marking of all types of materials
  • Intra-volume modification of transparent materials
  • Intra-volume colouring of transparent materials with specific formulation

Additive manufacturing

  • Additive manufacturing of metals

Laser welding

  • Welding of metals and transparent materials


Laser Micromachining

The technical means of laser micro-machining available to ALPhANOV allow it to follow you at each stage of your industrial process. All the technical means are detailed in this document.

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