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Optoelectronics - Diode control and certification module

ALPhANOV designs turnkey systems integrating custom-developed optoelectronics. Its expertise allows it to offer a wide range of solutions for laser diode control in various regimes, tailored to your application.

Its team is made up of electronics, IT and embedded systems engineers, enabling it to take part in all opto-electronic subjects in various fields.

Our fields of application in optoelectronics:

  • Optopyrotechnical modules and power diode certification for aeronautics
  • Laser diode control for industry and laser manufacturers

In collaboration with the mechanical and optical teams, the design department devises and manufactures optoelectronic systems, from proof of concept to small series production.

Optoélectronics ALPhANOV
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The specific skills of the electronic team relate in particular to:

  • Hardware design:
    • Fast signal generation,
    • Processing and conditioning of fast signals such as photodiode,
    • Digitization and communication driver,
    • Implementation of FPGA INTEL (Altera) and XILINX as well as STM32 microcontroller,
    • Food.
  • Firmware develoment
    • Embedded VHDL / C
    • Serial / USB / IP communication protocol
  • IT development
    • UI for piloting and monitoring on-board systems
    • Log recovery and configuration file