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Photonic Crystal Fiber Interfacing

Introducing PCF (Photonic Crystal fiber) often gives a real advantage in terms of performance, compactness and reliability.

With strong expertise in designing fiber lasers and fused fiber components, ALPhANOV is supplying end-treatment solutions to PCF (Photonic Crystal Fiber). Such fiber preparation includes PCF connectors, sealed and cleaved PCF, end-capped PCF and PCF with mode-adaptors.

ALPhANOV can address any PCF or special fiber, ranging from active double-clad large mode area fibers, to passive PCF such as hollow-core fibers and nonlinear PCF.

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ALPhANOV offers a complete range of interfacing solution for your Photonic Crystal Fiber : 



Patch-cords & cables, for low and high-power application

  • FC/PC or APC
  • High power SMA
  • Industrial jacket



  • To protect the fiber micro-structure from dust and humidity
  • To decrease the beam fluence at the input or output interface without modification of the N.A


Mode Field Adaptors and Tapers

Mode Field Adaptors & Tapers

  • Reduces connection loss between fibers with different mode field diameters
  • The most extreme MFA from our standard product range connects 6 µm and 40 µm core fibers


Grin & Ball lenses

  • The behavior of the lens can be simulated
  • The focal length and the beam waist can be controlled



Optimization studies of splices

  • All kinds of PCF, combination of different splices possible, PM alignment


Examples of realization for some very demanding applications :

SMA connector for active PCF

SMA connector for active PCF
– High power Application

End-capping for active PCF

End-capping for active PCF
– High Energy application


Beam Delivery and Shaping

Beam delivery & shaping based on hollow-core fiber – 100W-100fs @1030/1064nm

Highly Reliable LC Cables

Highly reliable LC cables for low-latency communications based on hollow-core fiber

High Power Beam Delivery

High Power Beam delivery for quantum experiments based on large mode area fibers



Catalogue cordons PCF


Atomic Fiber



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