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Optical engineering

From conception to the final industrial product, the ALPhANOV design office has all the necessary interdepartmental competences in the photonics and optics field for the smooth running of your engineering project, even with your most demanding applications.

The ALPhANOV design office has the following skills:

  • Design

Our team can draw on its general expertise in optics, lasers, and fibers to design, develop, and optimize complex optical systems. Our skills extend beyond optics, and our team also has complementary skills in optomechanics, optoelectronics, HMI and command control.

  • Prototyping

Once the design is completed, we can assemble and test the integrated system, according to a specific and adapted acceptance procedure. Our “protoducts” are CE compatible and have been developed with ISO9001 quality standards in mind.

  • Qualification

ALPhANOV also offers to optically qualify your systems and components, under environmental and vibratory constraints.

As a technological resource center, ALPhANOV customers can claim, upon proof, a research tax credit.

Etudes optiques ALPhANOV
Etudes optomécanique ALPhANOV
Etudes optoélectroniques ALPhANOV
Qualifications ALPhANOV

Optical studies

  • Optical design under Zemax
  • Free-form optics
  • Optical integration & tests

Optomechanical studies

  • Solidwork design
  • Rapid prototyping via 3D printing

Optoelectronic & software studies

  • Laser source control
  • HMI and dedicated software


  • Environment & mechanics
  • Laser diode and fiber component reliablility tests

ALPhANOV adapts to your needs and offers support in all developmental phases of your engineering project:

Client project


Assembly & tests

Final product


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