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Surface texturing or functionalisation by laser allows you to create effects or give new properties to all types of materials, according to the desired function.

The characteristics of the surface texturing process are:

Benefits surface texturing


  • Various functionalities (wettability, emissivity, tribology, colouring, decoration, anti-bacterial)
  • Process without removal of material for remodelling
  • Adaptable depending on requirements   
  • Large surface treatment and/or in 3D
  • Option to reproduce moulding functionalities through plastic injection
Performance surface texturing


  • Super-hydrophobic / self-cleaning surface (AC > 150°)
  • Hydrophilicity (AC < 10°)
  • Reflectance < 5% of the UV to the near IR
  • Reduction of bacterial growth (up to 98%)
Productivity surface texturing


> 60 mm2.s-1 for certain processes


Implementation of the laser - surface texturing

Laser implementation

  • Laser fs to ns
  • From IR to UV
  • Scanner
Surface condition surface texturing

Surface condition

Adaptable depending on application through generation of self-organised structures or by controlled engraving


Process sheet

Application fields

  • Sensors
  • Aeronautics
  • Medical
  • Consumer household appliances
  • Food packaging
  • Energy


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