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Laser surface texturing and surface functionalization make it possible to create effects or generate new properties on all surface types.

The characteristics of the surface texturing process:

Benefits surface texturing


  • Various functionalities (modification of surface wettability, emissivity, colour, tribological and antibacterial properties)
  • Process without material removal by remodelling technique
  • Surface texture tailored to needed function
  • Large area and/or 3D treatment
  • Possibility of reproducing the functionalities on polymers by injection moulding
Performance surface texturing


  • Super-hydrophobicity / self-cleaning surface
    (Contact angle >150°)
  • Hydrophilicity
    (Contact angle < 30°)
  • Reflectance < 5% in the range from UV to near IR
  • Reduction of bacteria proliferation (up to 98%)
Throughput surface texturing


Up to several cm2.s-1 for depending on the process


Laser workstation - surface texturing

Laser workstation

  • Laser fs to ns
  • From IR to UV
  • Scanning systems
Surface finishing surface texturing

Surface finishing

Adaptable depending on the application by generation of self-organizing structures or by controlled etching


Process sheet

Surface texturing

Surface texturing

Areas of application

  • Sensors
  • Aeronautics
  • Medical
  • Household appliances
  • Food packaging
  • Energy


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