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Convergence - Optical components for power lasers

Design and realize optical components to enable the rise in energy and average power of diode-pumped solid lasers.

About the project:Optical components for power lasers

Most of the industrial applications of laser requires increased energy and average power in order to increase their effectiveness and productivity. The goal of the Convergence project is to allow the extraction of pulse energies up to the Joule (to extend the ranges of applications) and average power beyond the kilowatt (to improve the productivity) of scientific and industrial laser systems and facilities. The Convergence project aims to open new technological and application paths (frequency conversion, coupling to particle accelerators, harmonics for lithography), creating new opportunities for the laser industry in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

ALPhANOV's role:

As part of the Convergence project, ALPhANOV develops the technologies needed to functionalize laser crystals for high average power and energy. Through the development of multi-material assembly processes, thermo-mechanical design, and optical analysis, the components developed during the project must achieve the most extreme specifications. These components will then be integrated into laser systems developed by the partners.



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Convergence: CONstruire l'élévation en énergie et en cadence des lasers industriels

Optical components for power lasers