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PharmaSense - Manufacturing processes of medicines

Improve the manufacturing processes of medicines to meet the future costs, availability and safety challenges of medicines produces around the world.

(2015 - 2018)

About the project:

The objective of the PharmaSense project is to develop and deploy flexible machines incorporating new photonic sensors on the production lines of tablets, capsules and powders. These sensors, based on near-infrared and terahertz, "see" inside the material and will allow analysis of the quality in real time on the production lines. Modules based on THz and infrared technologies will be studied and developed by the various partners with the aim of evaluating and integrating these different technologies on the TEONYS modular platform.

ALPhANOV's role:

ALPhANOV's mission is to bring to the project its expertise in imaging and design of complex systems with optical and laser core.
In this context, ALPhANOV will develop several sensor demonstrators which will be industrialized by EDIT or PRODITEC and then integrated on the TEONYS platform:

  • Infrared Multispectral Moisture Sensor for Inspection of Capsules (WP1),
  • Design and implementation of an infrared multispectral imaging (WP2),
  • Design and production of an infrared multispectral scanner demonstrator dedicated to the inspection of powdered materials on conveyors (WP3).




BPI France