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SLALLOM - Holographic microscope

To develop a holographic microscope for all-optical brain studies with a single laser source.

About the project:SLALLOM - Holographic microscope

The aim of the SLALLOM project is to develop a new type of all-optical CGH (Computer Generated Holography) and two photon imaging microscope, both in three dimensions, using a single double-ended femtosecond laser, one for multicellular excitation and the other for 3D imaging. This system represents an alternative to current lasers used for two-photon imaging and for photoactivation (optogenetics). The SLALLOM consortium will specifically develop a double-output, self-synchronous femtosecond laser operating in the optimal wavelength range 920 - 975 nm.

ALPhANOV's role:

As part of the SLALLOM project, ALPhANOV develop a fiber laser source capable of generating ultrashort pulses (a few hundred femtoseconds) in the near infrared. The average power of the pules is between to 10 mW and 20 mW.


Funding: ANR