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ALPhANOV increases its equipment fleet for environmental testing


A shaker now allows to perform tests of tolerance to shock and acceleration.

In recent months, ALPhANOV has increased its activity in areas requiring environmental testing to qualify the use of certain components and systems in harsh conditions.

ALPhANOV had already invested in an environmental test chamber and different ovens; it has now enlarged its testing facilities with a state-of-the-art shaker. This shaker generates vibrations from 0 to 4 kHz and shocks up to 50G on objects weighing over 15 kg. It offers several acquisition and analysis functions such as analysis of the resonance mode.

Through this testing systems, ALPhANOV can now realize, for internal use, but also for its customers and partners, analyses such as resistance to shock and acceleration of mechanical and glued assemblies, their thermal behavior or the response of standard transport packaging.

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