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ALPhANOV, partner of the LAUNCH project


The LAUNCH project aims to develop a LAser wavelength treatment suitable for the coNsolidation-reCtification of 3D microwave patterns.

At the beginning of September, the introduction of the LAUNCH project began. TheProjet LAUNCH - ALPhANOV project, born of the inter-CT 2020-2021 AAP and funded by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, brings together 3 partners: the ceramic technology transfer center (CTTC), the Xlim Research Institute and the ALPhANOV technology center. The partners have 2 years to complete this project.

The LAUNCH project aims to develop a new approach in the additive manufacturing of microwave components. Microwave applications are very demanding and require a strong understanding of the dimensions and properties of electronic components.

The technological bricks developed in this project can therefore be applied to Low Frequency electronic components which represent a larger production volume.

For this, the partners will need to develop new process methods:

  • A new method of using lasers (consolidation/rectification) to temper metal (and ceramic) deposits produced by direct writing.
  • A method of preparing surfaces suitable for writing conductive tracks and having a base of technical specifications essential for moving towards multi-material hybridization and multi-process manufacturing of electronic components using a full-3D approach.

The launch meeting allowed the partners to present the structures as well as their role in the project to all the various partners. It is also an opportunity to take preliminary decisions and set the first goals.

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