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ALPhANOV upgrades its microscope range with a new high-resolution SEM


The technology center ALPhANOV installed a 3rd generation high-resolution SEM VEGA3 from TESCAN.

This latest generation of SEM gives the opportunity to reach all new performances in the field of high-resolution microscopy. The integration of high-performance electronics allows for a faster image acquisition (a few minutes from the insertion of the sample in the chamber) and an image resolution lower than 5 nm in ideal measurement conditions. The new VEGA3 SEM gives the possibility to work in partial vacuum to obtain high-resolution images of non-conductive materials without the need for metallization. The observation of large samples, up to 50 mm x 50 mm, is also possible with the VEGA3 SEM.

The VEGA3 SEM is equipped with:

  • Two electron detectors:
    • Back-scattered electrons detector (BSE) for chemical contrast images
    • Secondary electrons detector (SE) for topographic contrast images
  • A detector to analyze the surface chemistry of materials (energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy detector, EDS)


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