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Arnaud Zoubir heads towards new opportunities

Prism Awards 2017 - ALPhANOV
Prism Awards 2017, San Francisco

Best of luck to Arnaud Zoubir in his new adventure with TECNALIA France.

We are very happy to announce that our sales and project manager, Arnaud Zoubir, is taking over the management of TECNALIA France, a neo-Aquitaine subsidiary of the Spanish technology centre TECNALIA with which ALPhANOV already collaborates.

For more than 9 years, Arnaud has brought the image of the ALPhANOV technology centre to our new partners and customers, both in France and internationally. Arnaud, among others, co-founded GoyaLab in 2018 on the basis of an original idea that he had developed and patented within ALPhANOV. He has set up more than forty collaborative projects for ALPhANOV and successfully carried out several technology transfers. Thank you, Arnaud, for these excellent years and for the numerous collaborations initiated!

Good luck and our best wishes to Arnaud.

Arnaud is now replaced within ALPhANOV by Sébastien Vergnole in the Sales Department, and by Loïc Deyra for the Arrangement of Collaborative Projects.




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