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A look back at our Open Days


The 2022 edition of the ALPhANOV Open Days was a real success. These days were held from October 13 to 15 in coordination with the science festival.

Over the 3 days, we welcomed over 270 people (teachers, parents, children) and demonstrated the many professions practiced within our technological center.
Through 8 fun workshops created and led by our teams, visitors took their first steps into the fascinating world of photonics where innovation is everywhere:

Workshop #1: Integrated circuit testing

Integrated circuits are everywhere in our daily lives. To make them safe and reliable, laser technology can be used for testing.

In this workshop, our visitors observed an electronic component in infrared and found out about the effects of the laser during its operation.




Workshop #2: Optical Fiber Properties

By observing an entertaining demonstration, where a laser travels through a jet of water, our visitors learned about how the properties of optical fiber allow it to transport light.

Some latest generation complex fibers can provide much more unusual and useful properties for laser design.





Workshop #3: Special optical fiber uses

In this workshop, it was explained how these fibers can, combined with ALPhANOV's expert understanding of their use, create extreme results through the generation of a supercontinuum (white laser).

At the end, we looked at laser properties and their applications.




Workshop #4: Lasers integrated into rockets

ALPhANOV is involved in the development of the first laser prototypes based on laser diode technology which will ignite the future European Ariane 6 launcher.

Through an interactive animation, we saw how and why the laser is integrated on Ariane 6.




Workshop #5: Alignment of a laser in virtual reality

The PYLA training center took participants to a photonics laboratory in virtual reality to show them how to align a laser on an optical table in complete safety.

This allowed participants to experience what it is like to be a laser engineer who is preparing a laser or machining station.




Workshop #6: A laser for breast cancer detection

As a key partner of the Laser and Health Technology Alliance, ALPhANOV is leading the XPulse project, which aims to develop an X-ray laser mammography system for the early detection of breast cancer.

We introduced the laboratory that is dedicated to the project.




Workshop #7: Micro-machining of a hydrophobic surface

Laser surface texturing makes it possible to create effects or give new properties to all types of materials, depending on the desired outcome.

After the laser machining station presentation, our visitors observed the texturing of a hydrophobic surface.




Workshop #8: Laser machining with a robotic arm

Coupled with a 6-axis robot, a fiber laser enables 3D cutting of metal parts with incredible reproducibility. After a presentation of the machining station and its capabilities, our hosts provided a demonstration of the equipment being used.





We are already busily preparing our next edition of our Open Days to promote our sector.


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