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Harmony – Frequency stabilization of lasers using PCF hollow core fibers (HC-PCF)

Develop an all-fiber gas cell component based on PCF hollow core fibers (HC-PCF) that will be used for laser frequency stabilisation.

About the project:Harmony:  PCF hollow core fibers

The HARMONY project aims to:

  • Develop a new generation of optical components based on PCF fiber hollow core cells (HC-PCF) filled with gas / vapors
  • Allow the use of cells made entirely of optical fibers, which can thus be easily integrated into any optical laser stabilization system (as well as for other applications such as femtosecond pulse transport, telecommunications, or biophotonics)
  • Develop a new range of laser sources with very high spectral stability, which can be used in advanced applications such as laser spectroscopy, atom cooling, or quantum optics.

For this, this project involving several partners includes various developments such as the manufacture of new optimized single-mode HC-PCF fibers, new low-pressure gas filling methods and hermetic sealing of HC-PCF cells, as well as improved coupling. bright in HC-PCF fiber.

The final component will be integrated into the industrial products of TOPTICA, a recognized leader in the field of frequency stabilized laser sources.

ALPhANOV's role:

ALPhANOV, project coordinator, has the technical mission on one hand to develop and improve the HC-PCF coupling methods with single-mode fibers, and on the other hand to develop advanced methods of filling and sealing system for HC-PCF fibers with gases or vapors.