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ARCOCE - Rear ceramic composite bodies

Research and innovation in the sector composite for aerospace.


About the project:

The aerospace market is preparing to renew its fleet of aircraft and associated engines. This renewal in 2015 must take into account the requirements established by the Kyoto Protocol. These come to ambitious goals, particularly in terms of reducing the consumption of kerosene, forcing engine manufacturers to improve the efficiency of their engines while reducing their weight.

In this context, Snecma Propulsion Solide, under the auspices of the SAFRAN Group, positions itself as a supplier of engine parts made of a thermostructural composite based on a ceramic matrix. This innovative material has two significant advantages compared to metal alloys: its lightness and its resistance to high temperatures. Before using this material in series, it is essential that it reaches a sufficient level of technological maturity. Many challenges remain before us that are related to the development of the material and to the implementation of its production processes, to the realization of demonstration trials, and to achieving a reasonnable sale price.

ALPhANOV's role:

Develop specific processes for laser micromachining of these composite materials.


Herakles (Safran group)


DGCIS / Région Aquitaine