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CALAS - Autonomous and secure laser ignition cell

To develop of a prototype for a laser ignition chain. 

(2010 - 2011)

About the project:

CALAS project which was completed in late 2011, brought forth the development of a prototype for a laser ignition chain that incorporates the latest developments in laser technology (source and fiber) and demonstrates the potential of this technology by testing ignition of a combustion chamber of an aircraft gas turbine.

Results: Successful ignitions for air / kerosene mixtures, under standard conditions, as well as under some degraded conditions (pressure and temperature), representative of difficult ignition conditions.

Two challenges, both environmental and economic, entice to continue this work beyond CALAS proof of concept :

  • the ability to implement economical ways to use turbines for twin turbines helicopters
  • optimized ignition for future generations of combustion chambers with low  nitrogen oxides emissions

The studies will be continued under a new project aimed at achieving a quasi industrial maturity (robustness and cost) under 3 years.


  • Turbomeca (groupe Safran)
  • CPMOH (maintenant LOMA)