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MIRACLE - Supercontinuum medium infrared source

To produce a supercontinuum medium infrared source.

About the project:Miracle - supercontinuum medium infrared source

Miracle (Mid infraRed Advanced superContinuum LasEr) is a collaborative project involving the companies Leukos and Le Verre Fluoré as well as ALPhANOV. It aims to develop a supercontinuum laser emitting wavelengths ranging from 2 microns to 5.3 microns with an average power greater than 4 W. Such a source finds its utility in optical detection, spectroscopy, biophotonics, food and chemical analyses.

ALPhANOV's role:

ALPhANOV is developing a laser emitting a wavelength of 2 μm and operating in pulsed picosecond (ps) or sub-nanosecond (ns) mode. This laser will serve as a pump for the generation of supercontinuum in the fibers developed by Fluoride Glass. The company LEUKOS is the coordinator and the pilot of the project but also the final integrator of the product. Another innovative aspect of this project is the development of silica glass and fluoride glass welding processes, which will be realized by ALPhANOV.