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PERCEVAL - Process of laser scouring

To develop an innovative process of laser scouring of composite parts.

(2011 - 2014)

About the project:

The PERCEVAL project, led by SNECMA, has the overall goals of reducing the environmental impact of air transport, the reduction of noise from the engine, the validation of the structural strength of composite structures of the fan module in case of a loss of a turbine blade, the reduction of the finition cycles, and the reduction of the environmental impact of scouring.

The work of ALPHANOV fit into this latter objective by developing an innovative process of laser scouring of composite parts in order to avoid the use of chemicals.

Several laser technologies will be tested (IR and UV fiber lasers, CO2 TEA laser, Excimer laser, ...) to determine the solution with the best compromise between scouring selectivity, productivity and low damage to the composite substrate. These optical methods will be compared to cryogenic,  sodium bicarbonate spraying, and water jet stripping.

In addition to the stripping process, ALPHANOV's expertise will build on the skills of Aquitaine laboratories to develop an active control of the process in order to limit damage to the composite substrate during stripping operations. The LIBS technique (Laser Induced Spectroscopy Breackdown) which consists of analyzing the spectral signature of the plasma created during ablation, will be applied in collaboration with the LOMA (Laboratoire Ondes and Materials of Aquitaine). A second method, based on the study of acoustic waves generated by the ablation process will in turn be developed in partnership with the LMP (Laboratory of Mechanics Physics). 

ALPhANOV's role:

Development of the laser process and of its active control.


  • AD Industrie
  • LISJ Aerospace
  • Rescoll
  • Snecma (groupe Safran)