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TALSO - New brazing process

Develop a new cold brazing process based on porous silver oxalate joint for the thermal functionalization of optical components.

About the project:brazing process

The project goal is to develop and qualify a method for the assembly of optical power components, designed to provide a better thermal evacuation than the solutions in the state of the art, while retaining good mechanical properties.
Indeed, this process of sintering silver nanoparticles combines an excellent thermal conductivity (advantage of the silver solder) to the flexibility of the joint (advantage of the porous structure). The expected result will allow exceptionally efficient cooling of optical power components, while having a very good mechanical resistance to deformation.

ALPhANOV's role:

ALPhANOV aims, in the Talso project, to develop a laser source that will perform the sintering operation of the silver nanoparticles on which the Talso process is based.
In addition, ALPhANOV will also be the end-user of the functionalized optical components and will therefore participate in both the optimization of the soldering process and sample characterization.



BPI France