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Delivery of a 250 W continuous laser source


ALPhANOV delivers a 250 W continuous laser source for the TALSO project.

The TALSO project, funded by BPI France, aims to design a new optical assembly procedure based on the OPLAS process (ISP System).Nouveau procédé de brasure

The project goal is to develop a new assembly process that generates sintered silver microporous seals from oxalic precursors, in order to provide thermal contact for optical components. This project brings together several partners: ISP System, Amplitude Laser Group, CILAS et LISV.

As part of this project, ALPhANOV has developed a continuous laser source of 250 W at 940 nm. This laser is used to heat the samples to be brazed, and thus perform the sintering operation of silver nanoparticles.

This sintering process combines an excellent thermal conductivity to a highly flexible joint, and should provide laser components compatible with very high average power (patented process).

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