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ALPhANOV actor of project 4F


The 4F project (French Fiber Optic Network for Lasers in the Future Industry) is implemented to develop and manufacture innovative microstructured optical fibers and a new generation of fiber lasers dedicated to tomorrow's industrial fabrics. The project has received a € 7 million fond from Bpifrance's Future Investment Program (BIP).

The 4F project is spread into 4 work packages. ALPhANOV takes part in the third one, known as: Interfacing and functionalization of special optical fibers.

The third work packages focuses on the innovation of new functionalization processes over the fiber developed in this project: fiber termination, end caps, connectors, "special" welds, dedicated combiners, mode adapters (MFA), etc. These processes intend to connectorize and integrate the fibers to the rest of the laser architectures.

The interfacing and the functionalization of the special optical fibers involves in different specificities:

  • Characterization of special optical fibers
  • Functionalization of special optical fibers
  • Integration of hollow optical core and associated modules


On July 6, 2017, Project 4F was awarded for the "Investments for the Future" Investment Program "Competitive Structural Research and Development Projects" (PSPC).

Press release
The 4F project is one major innovation in the microstructured fiber optics field and for lasers of the future.

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