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ALPhANOV successfully textured an industrial-size injection mould


In the frame of the H2020 EU project Tresclean, ALPhANOV finalized the texturing of an industrial size injection mould by high-average power femtosecond laser.

The objective of the Tresclean project is to develop antibacterial surfaceTexturation d'un moule d'injection ALPhANOVs by high-average power femtosecond laser texturing. In the frame of the project, ALPhANOV has developed a unique know-how on LIPSS (Laser Induced Periodic Surface Structures)-based texturing processes which allow the generation of antibacterial surfaces. The laser employed for the texturing process delivers an average power up to 350 W at repetition rate up to 13 MHz with a pulse duration of about 500 fs (Tangor 300 by Amplitude Laser Group). The laser is connected to a high-speed scanning head (Raylase) which can reach scanning speeds up to 200 m/s and allows a texturing rate up to 7.2m2/h.

The injection mould will be used to transfer the nanostructures onto the surface of a polymeric tank employed in BSH dish-washers in order to transmit the antibacterial property to the tank itself. This way a reduction in biofilm formation and of the overall water consumption of the washing cycle will be achieved.

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