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TresClean - Antibacterial surfaces

To develop of antibacterial surfaces by high power ultra-short laser texturing.

About the project:TresClean - Antibacterial surfaces

Goal of the TresClean project is to develop innovative functionalized surfaces by laser texturing, removing the need for chemical treatments. These functionalized materials will find a wide range of applications where self-cleaning and aseptic surface are necessary, such as food packaging and household appliances industries. The processes developed in the frame of the TresClean project will meet the industrial needs especially in terms of productivity with texturing speeds up to 40 mm/s. 

ALPhANOV's role:

ALPhANOV will contribute by developing LIPSS-based texturing laser processes able to adjust the wettability and the antibacterial properties of the treated surfaces. In order to achieve high processing speeds, a sub-picosecond laser system delivering up to 350 W of average power at a high repetition rate (a few MHz) will be employed. The high average power laser system will be connected to a high-speed polygonal scanning head, developed within the project by RAYLASE AG, which will allow the laser beam to move at speeds over 100 m/s.



European Union (H2020)