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Bloom Lasers and Hekat fluidics winners of the 2023 I-Lab Contest


Supported from the outset of their project by ALPhANOV and the regional council of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, BLOOM Lasers and HEKAT have been awarded national prizes in Bpifrance's i-Lab 2023 innovation competition.


The i-Lab innovation contest

The aim of the i-Lab innovation competition is to identify projects for the creation of innovative technology companies, and to support the best of them with financial assistance and appropriate support. To submit a project, a person must have set up a company less than two years ago, or be planning to set up an innovative technology company in France.

Hekat Fluidics et Bloom Lasers lauréats du concours i-Lab

BLOOM Lasers and Hekat fluidics

BLOOM Lasers is a company supported by ALPhANOV since 2020 via the ALIENOR collaborative project.
The team is made up of experts with advanced know-how in the design and manufacture of fiber lasers for industry in a 24/7 environments.
Based on mature, proven technology, BLOOM LASERS has developed a competitive, agile laser source capable of generating unrivalled power to meet the needs of high value-added industries.
BLOOM is currently ramping up to serve the fast-growing electronic component and printed circuit board manufacturing markets.

Younger than BLOOM Lasers, Hekat fluidics is the result of ExoFlow another collaborative project supported by ALPhANOV and launched in 2021.
After 2 years of research and development, Hekat fluidics was born from the success of this project. Hekat's ambition is to become the world's first company to offer a microfluidic and optical instrument capable of individually detecting, counting and sorting biological nano-objects at high speed, based on information-carrying criteria, thanks to its technology which enables nanometric-sized objects to be detected and sorted rapidly, making 50,000 sorting decisions per second.

ALPhANOV is proud to have been able to support these two companies, celebrated for their innovation in the 2023 edition of the i-Lab competition, and to witness such achievements. Since its creation in 2007, ALPhANOV has supported more than 20 startups.

Concours i-Lab 2023


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