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A look at our Open Days


The 2023 ALPhANOV Open Days, held in conjunction with la fête de la science from October 12 to 14, were a vital component of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Photonics TALENTS initiative. These days offered a unique opportunity for 323 attendees, encompassing teachers, parents, and students, to explore the captivating realm of photonics.


This event benefitted from the participation of local training programs, including the BTS Photonic Systems at Lycée Kastler, the LCM Professional License, the License and Master's degree in Physics-Chemistry from the University of Bordeaux, and the IOGS Engineering cycle. This initiative, fostered by businesses, seeks to champion the Photonics sector, its educational offerings, and the professional prospects it presents.

Village photonique


Visitors had the opportunity to attend hands-on workshops that showcased the roles carried out within ALPhANOV by our teams and actively engage in the experience. The circuit comprised 8 workshops, as detailed below :


Workshop #1 : Laser Alignment through Virtual Reality

At the PYLA training center, visitors were immersed in a virtual reality photonics laboratory, where they learned how to align a laser on an optical table in complete safety. They stepped into the shoes of a laser engineer, preparing their laser or machining station.


Réalité virtuelle


Workshop #2 : Exploring Optical Fiber Properties

Using the engaging example of laser transport through a stream of water, the presenter elucidated the properties of optical fiber for light transmission. The latest-generation complex fibers exhibit even more remarkable attributes, essential for laser design.


Fibre optique


Workshop #3 : Laser for Early Breast Cancer Detection

As a key partner of the Laser and Health Technology Alliance, ALPhANOV is spearheading the XPULSE project, aimed at creating a laser-X mammography system for early breast cancer detection. Participants had the chance to explore the laboratory dedicated to experimental developments in X-ray imaging techniques as part of this project.




Workshop #4 : Unveiling the Effects of a Fiber Laser

Visitors delved into the intricacies of fiber laser manufacturing at ALPhANOV, highlighting various components associated with Bragg Gratings. The workshop leader demonstrated the effects generated by a fiber laser.


laser à fibre


Workshop #5 : Micromachining for Iridescent Surfaces

Laser surface texturing empowers the creation of effects and the bestowal of new properties on diverse materials, depending on the desired function. Following the presentation of a laser machining station, participants witnessed three texturing processes to achieve three distinct optical effects. 


Texturation de surface


Workshop #6 : Laser Machining with Robotic Precision

Leveraging a 6-axis robot, a fiber laser enables the 3D cutting of metal components with remarkable reproducibility. After an introduction to the machining station and its capabilities, visitors observed laser marking.


Robot 6 axes


Workshop #7 : Lasers at the Core of Future Rocket Generations

ALPhANOV plays a pivotal role in developing the first laser prototypes based on laser diode technology for igniting the future European launcher Ariane 6. Through an interactive display, participants gained insights into the integration of lasers on Ariane 6 and the reasons behind it.




Workshop #8 : Laser Beam Alignment

The BTS Photonic Systems program offers the opportunity to become a photonics technician within two years of completing the baccalaureate. This training spans several technical domains related to photonics. During this workshop led by BTS students, visitors safely aligned a laser beam and deepened their understanding of light.


BTS Systèmes Photoniques



We are already gearing up for our forthcoming Open Days edition, while continuing to advance with great enthusiasm in our Photonics TALENTS project, dedicated to promoting the photonics sector in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.



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