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Thales demonstrates 30 TW, 33 fs with a Ti-PULS laser


Next generation laser-plasma based electron sources could use ALPhANOV fiber oscillators.

Thales demonstrates sub-35 fs, 30 TW-amplification using ALPhANOV Ti-PULS fiber laser as seeder.

The next revolution of high energy particle physics could be achieved with laser-plasmaSources laser Ti-PULS ALPhANOV based electron or ion sources, enabling high field physics on cm-scale instead of km-large facilities.

In order to make these laser-based processes reliable, ruggedized and hand-free multi-TW system are necessary. ALPhANOV and Thales partnered to improve its already existing high energy systems femtosecond laser systems.

Ti-PULS is a new generation of fiber laser with unique performances, delivering sub-40 fs pulses at 800 nm with nanojoule energy (> 2 nJ). It was designed as an economical and compact alternative to Ti: Sapphire oscillators, thanks to its passively cooled, monolithic fiber design.

A fully comparative experiment for seeding Ti:Sa multi-TW laser chain using a standard 15 fs Commercial Ti:Sa oscillator and a 40 fs Ti-PULS was performed. Thales ALPhANOV - Thales collaborationsuccessfully amplified a double CPA with XPW using a Ti-PULS seeder to 1.2 J,10 Hz, at a pulse duration of 33 fs after compression, which represents a true milestone for fiber-seeded Ti:Sapphire amplifiers.

This test demonstrated the complete interchangeability of the two oscillators on a standard QUARK 30TW laser system from Thales, while keeping all the advantages of fiber lasers.

With this work, ALPhANOV continues to be at the forefront of laser development for high intensity physics. All information regarding the Ti-PULS systems and its applications will be available at ALPhANOV booth #957F at Photonics West 2020! Information about Thales’s lasers can be found on their website or also at Photonics West 2020, booth number #1861.

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