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ADDIMAFIL - Additive manufacturing by laser fusion

To develop a robotic unit for additive manufacturing by laser fusion of wire for large metallic parts.

About the project:ADDIMAFIL - Additive manufacturing by laser fusion

The ADDIMAFIL project aims to develop the first french robotic unit for additive manufacturing (AM) of large metal parts. ADDIMAFIL project uses an innovative process of wire deposition by laser fusion, this way maintaining significant metallurgical characteristics.

The project also is developing a software suite for the design, simulation and programming of parts optimized for the AM technological field. This software suite  integrates thermal and mechanical simulation in order to anticipate the metallographic microstructure and the deformations.

ALPhANOV's role:

ALPhANOV brings its expertise in the integration of laser technologies into the robotic unit. For this, ALPhANOV aims to ensure the development of the laser wire-melting process and to achieve an innovative robotic unit. ALPhANOV is also the supplier of VLM.



OSEO – BPI France