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CALICE - All-in-one handheld sensor for measuring key vineyard parameters

Development of an all-in-one handheld sensor providing comprehensive evaluation of the technological and phenolic potential of grapes in a vineyard plot.


In the coming years, climate change will affect the existing balance between wine-growing regions and grape varieties, altering ripening conditions as well as the analytical composition of grapes and wines. Therefore, it is essential to support the wine sector by supplying innovative solutions that will improve and design new viticultural techniques in order to optimize grape quality, resistance to diseases and pests, as well as adaptation to climate change.


In this context, the project's ambition is to provide winegrowers with a reliable and economically affordable handheld measurement device, enabling them to quickly obtain data in a vineyard plot and assess the impact of their technical choices on the evolution of ripeness and the qualitative potential of the harvest as early as possible. This new device will allow winegrowers to be more responsive in determining the optimal harvesting date, ensuring the organoleptic quality of wines according to the desired product profile. The device will integrate two sensors to best meet the expectations of the industry, combining the benefits of spectrophotometry, relying on GoyaLab's know-how and existing products, and fluorimetry (technology developed by ALPhANOV). To facilitate decision-making for winegrowers, maturity indices (anthocyanin content, sugar, and acidity levels) will be established. These indices are correlated with reference values established by oenological analysis performed in laboratories. This will enable the development of predictive models to determine optimal harvest date.

This project will rely notably on the product range developed by GoyaLab. Indeed, GoyaLab has developed a compact, autonomous, and modular spectrometer that can be used directly in the field.

" The CALICE project is in perfect alignment with the ambitions we have set for ourselves at GoyaLab, which is to offer industrial partners intelligent and reliable optical measurement solutions. GoyaLab's expertise in developing compact and modular spectrometers, combined with ALPhANOV's technical competencies in optical sensor development and IFV's expertise in viticulture, are strong assets for the success of the project." Thomas Kuntzel, CEO of GoyaLab
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ALPhANOV will develop one of the two sensors integrated into the all-in-one device, based on fluorimetry methods, to assess the phenolic maturity of red grapes. What is more, it will contribute to the development of predictive models generated from the collected data. This project also aligns with the association's mission of providing technological support to small and medium-sized enterprises in the regional photonics ecosystem.












Project funded by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

Date du début du projet
Wed, 11/01/2023 - 12:00