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Compochoc - Non destructive testing

To create a new non destructive testing (NDT) technology that can lead to easy assembly qualification and control.

About the project:Compochoc - non destructive testing

Since September 2015, the Compochoc project, steered by RESCOLL, has developed a platform for the non-destructive testing of laser shock bonding (LASAT process).
The LASAT technology notably allows to demonstrate weak bondings or kissbondings and meets the technical limitations of detection of this type of defects with CND methods conventionally used in industry (ultrasound, radiography, shearography, etc.).
The laser shock allows to apply a mechanical stress calibrated at the level of the bonding. In the case of defective adhesions with low adhesion, a detachment is observed, if the bonding is in conformity, no damage is identified.

ALPhANOV's role:

The role of ALPhANOV is to mainly focus on the development of the electronics and the optical chain of the laser’s first stages, which must deliver the pulses of stress of the assembly under test.



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