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ExoFlow - Characterizing exosomes in real time

Designing and manufacturing an innovative biomedical instrument for real time characterizing of biological nano-objects such as exosomes or viruses.

Project's topic:

EXOSOMES are biological nano-vesicles involved in cell communication. Their discovery has revolutionized medicine. France is third in the world in terms of the number of clinical studies related to innovative diagnostics around these exosomes. Half of them take place in New Aquitaine.

However, exosomes are still largely unexploited due to a lack of suitable tools allowing them to be characterized in real time according to their content.

The ExoFlow project, funded by Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, aims to design and manufacture an innovative scientific instrument to characterize biological nano-objects such as exosomes or viruses in real time.

The partners, ALPhANOV, Chrysa-link, the SATT Aquitaine deep tech incubator, the LP2N laboratory and the Paul Pascal Research Center will have 2 years to achieve these objectives.

ALPhANOV's role:

ALPhANOV is the maturation carrier and coordinator for the ExoFlow project. For this, ALPhANOV is applying its expertise in system integration, project engineering and technology development and will support this project with business development. ALPhANOV co-finances the production of demonstrators with the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.


Funding: New Aquitaine region