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AS TGV - Laser percussion drilling

To develop a new femtosecond-laser based technique for high throughput percussion drilling.

About the project:

The AS TGV project aims to develop a new technical solution based on the use of femtosecond lasers to address the TGV (through glass via) technology. This solution will be based on the development of three main pillars:

  • A hybrid laser technology to deliver two femtosecond / picosecond beams with controlled time delay between different pulses
  • A beam-shaping and a fast-deflection optical system designed to optimize the laser- material coupling and to machine several points simultaneously
  • A process tailored to the specific material and its thickness.

The development of the source and the different processes will be carried in parallel, together with the development of a numerical model to simulate the thermal load produced on the material and the laser-material interaction.

ALPhANOV's role:

ALPhANOV's mission is to establish a new femtosecond / picosecond percussion drilling process by performing a comprehensive study and characterizing the results with the various metrology instruments present at ALPhANOV. FIG. 1 shows the 3D characterization of a cavity measured by optical profilometer obtained in a test on the study of material removal rates in the percussion drilling process.

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Figure 1 (left-hand side) 20x optical microscope image showing cavities produced by laser irradiation and (right-hand side) 3D profile of a cavity measured by optical profilometer.