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Nouvelle-Aquitaine Photonics TALENT

France 2030


Led by ALPhANOV, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Photonics TALENT initiative, winner of the IFPAI Nouvelle-Aquitaine tender (Professional Training Engineering and Innovative Support Offers), is the initiative of a consortium comprising the ALPHA-RLH competitiveness cluster, ALPhANOV and photonics industry leaders such as Amplitude, TOPTICA, Exail.

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13 actions will be implemented, focusing around 3 objectives :

  • Enhance the attractiveness of local professions and training courses

This initiative is based on an ambassador program, communication campaigns aimed at prescribers and coordinated open days involving both companies and educational institutions.

  • Support existing training courses and foster new programs

The implemented actions will enable the creation of a proficient pool of trainers, coupled with their training, the development of new training courses and teaching resources within a dedicated workshop school. Companies will gain access to pedagogical engineering and training services, encouraging a collaborative approach to shaping a shared training plan.

  • Attract and retain talent in New Aquitaine’s photonics companies

To meet this objective, the project includes a strong focus to host interns in companies at all levels, with the aim of collectively increasing reception capacity.

The actions also concern career paths within the company network and internships for employees in technology centers. An international industrial summer school is also planned to attract R&D talent to the region.


Photonics, or the science and technology of light, is key to the development of the industry. As a major source of innovation, the sector is revolutionizing the 21st century by offering new technological possibilities for all areas of activity - from aeronautics and the environment to medicine, transport and agriculture. As a result, the sector is experiencing strong growth.

A recent study, published by Photonics France as part of the "Electronics and Photonics" EDEC, shows that the photonics sector will generate between 8,000 and 10,000 jobs a year over the next five years, of which more than 1/3 of which will be at operator and technician level. As a result, the photonics professions are undergoing a process of change, and there is tension at all levels.


The training sector must expand, and, simultaneously, given the limited public awareness of the technology, training programs are experiencing a shortage of candidates. This exacerbates the challenges faced by companies grappling with a major human resources crisis that significantly impacts their production and development capacities.

To meet the high recruitment challenges in both training sectors and companies, this project is intended at young people and their families, students, employees, and jobseekers, particularly those in career transitions. Its objective is to contribute to the sustainable growth of the sector and the creation of tomorrow's jobs.


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Date du début du projet
Thu, 04/06/2023 - 12:00