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The TresClean project comes to an end making way for project NewSkin


Funded by Horizon 2020 and Photonics21, the TresClean project, started in 2016, aimed to develop, by laser texturing, antibacterial surfaces using ultra-short high power lasers.

Thanks to the participation of its partners - Università degli Studi di Parma, University of Stuttgart, BSH Group, Ecor International, RAYLASE GmbH and MODUS ltd - the TresClean project has developed innovative surfaces, produced without subsequent chemical treatment. They are aimed at a variety of applications such as the creation of self-cleaning and aseptic surfaces for the food packaging industry and consumer household appliances. The processes developed within the project’s framework responded to industrial constraints in terms of productivity, with the objective of achieving a processing speed of 40 mm²/s. The members of the consortium achieved the initial objective but also exceed it with a processing speed >1000 mm²/s.

To achieve this goal, the TresClean consortium made numerous innovations:

  • Identification of suitable surface topographies to achieve super-hydrophobic and antibacterial effects.
  • Scaling the TresClean laser texturing technique to produce high throughput nano-scale topographies over large areas.
  • Successfully textured 300 mm long metal pipes and a 400 kg metal mould using laser surface texturing techniques.
  • Successful texturing of a polymeric tank by injection moulding with a textured mould using laser surface texturing techniques.

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Following these varied results and at the end of the TresClean project, ALPhANOV decided to participate in the Newskin project. This project aims to create an innovation ecosystem to accelerate the "uptake" by the nanotechnology industry for the functionalization of surfaces. It brings together 35 partners (manufacturers, clusters, research institutes, etc.) and is funded by the European Union. ALPhANOV will collaborate with various partners of the IE (Innovation Ecosystem) to set up an automatic pilot line allowing the continuous mass production of functionalized surfaces (antibacterial, super-hydrophobic, anti-fouling). All this is thanks to the development of femtosecond laser nano-texturing processes coupled with roll-to-roll machines, for the continuous texturing of surfaces.

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Additional information

Dr. Laura Gemini (ALPhANOV), Dr. Girolamo Mincuzzi (ALPhANOV) and Prof. Luca Romoli (Università di Parma) meet you at their webinar where we will discuss the latest developments and innovations on laser technology capabilities for surface functionalization of different materials (antibacterial, super-hydrophobic, anti-fouling, anti-icing).
Tuesday, December 1st 2020 at 10:30 AM

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