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Development of a new range of optoelectronic products


ALPhANOV SOA-based fiber modulators are now a relevant alternative to AOMs or EOMs.

The new range of optoelectronic products has been developed for the impulse control of SOA for fiber intensity modulation.

New range of optoelectronic productsDid you know that a SOA (Semiconductor-Optical-Amplifier), when it is driven by adapted fast electronics, becomes a high dynamic-range amplitude modulator? It is a new alternative to other GHz-range fiber modulation technologies like AOM (Acousto-Optic-Modulators) or EOM (Electro-Optic-Modulator). Our new « Fiber modulator basics » provides an overview of the technical approaches most commonly used to change the amplitude (modulation) of laser light in the nanosecond or sub-nanosecond time domain in fiber-coupled laser systems.

ALPhANOV introduces a new range of products for SOA impulse control used as fiber optic modulator/shutter. Three SOA drivers allowing a fast optical SOA switching (on a nanosecond/sub-nanosecond scale) with a very high extinction ratio with internal pulse-shaping capabilities have been developed : SOA pulsed driver and a complete range of turn-key high-speed SOA modulator solutions from 765 nm to 1625 nm : SOM (Semiconductor Optical Modulator)

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