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ALPhANOV announces that it has contributed to the creation of a new “spin-off” named AeroDIODE.


Laser diodes are everywhere today. For 30 years, they have been a key component for several technological revolutions such as CD/DVD players, Fiber optic telecommunications, fiber lasers etc. The trend today is to use laser diodes for the recognition of the environment (face recognition, augmented reality, autonomous cars LIDAR etc.). The final technical performance of a laser diode is the consequence of both its intrinsic properties and the properties of its dedicated electronic drivers. 

ALPhANOV has been developing, for more than 12 years, key technologies in laser diode driver and synchronization electronics. The strength of these technologies, dedicated to photonics systems developing teams, is their technical flexibility which make the user save time in its photonic system R&D and integration work.

AeroDIODE offers now, directly on its online store, a complete range of high-end precision devices such as:

  • Pulsed Laser diode drivers 
  • Low noise laser diode drivers
  • High power laser diode drivers
  • Fiber-coupled laser diode sources (1064 nm laser diodes, 976 nm laser diodes, high power laser diodes...)
  • Fiber optic modulators 
  • SOA pulsed drivers
  • Fiber laser diode drivers
  • High speed synchronization electronics (pulse delay generator, pulse picker, digital delay generators…)
  • Laser diode qualification test systems

ALPhANOV thanks all its partner customers who trusted this innovation activity in the past and wish to the AeroDIODE team the best success with this new product range and extensive background.

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