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First presentation of the XPulse project prototype


First presentation of the XPulse project prototype: a phase contrast XPulse phase contrast tomograph prototype seen from the outsidetomograph for breast imaging.

The XPulse project aims to develop an innovative medical imaging system using an X-ray source generated by an intense laser and by integrating a phase contrast tomographic imaging system. XPulse technology will therefore provide access to a more reliable, safe, precise and comfortable X-ray mammography for patients.

The 3D tomography system was installed at Bordeaux’s Institute of Bio-Imagery on the CHU Pellegrin site in Bordeaux in 2021. On March 10 2022 this system was presented to representatives of the Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine and the project partners: Institut Bergonié, Amplitude Laser Group, Imagine Optic and the CELIA laboratory.

The prototype integrates the phase imaging system developed by Imagine Optic and will include in a next phase an innovative source of X-rays generated by intense laser, developed jointly by ALPhANOV, Amplitude Laser Group and the CELIA laboratory.

XPulse phase contrast tomograph prototype seen from the inside2022 will see the testing and evaluation of the XPulse prototype, in terms of image quality and dose levels on physical phantoms. These tests will be carried out in collaboration with the Bergonié Institute, clinical partner of the project.

At the end of 2022, the project will begin a new phase which will allow the final integration of the X source by laser on the XPulse prototype and thereby begin the preclinical and clinical evaluation phases.

For more informations about the project : click here.

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