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A website dedicated to the CRYST^3 project


ALPhANOV has created and put online, in collaboration with its project partners, a website dedicated to the CRYST3 project: partenaire du projet CRYST^3

The CRYST3 project was initiated to develop a new all-fiber prototype, allowing for the trapping and cooling of atoms in a hollow-core fiber, in order to constitute a new experimental platform highlighting emerging self-order and superradiance phenomena of the matter.

Funded by the European Union, the collaborative CRYST3 project brings together a variety of collaborators who will have 4 years to achieve the creation of a prototype allowing the encapsulation of individual alkaline atoms:

The website brings together all the important information about the project:

  • a precise description of the project and the collaborators
  • project specific publications and news
  • job offers

Visit the CRYST3 project website

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