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ALPhANOV has an expertise in high-power fiber amplifiers development, tailored to your operational regime, and customised for your application.

Why choosing the fiber technology for your high-power amplifier ? Because optical fiber is the go-to technology for lasers whenever stability and reliability are required. It replaces solid-state lasers whenever comparable performances can be achieved in various industries (laser processing, life science, etc).
ALPhANOV has world renown expertise in the interfacing and processing of the most advanced optical fibers lasers, as for example the microstructured, photonic crystal fibers (PCF).


Our fiber amplifiers can use internally produced optical components such as pump combiners, mode-field adaptor, end-caps, etc. Based on its expertise in laser design and state-of-the-art fiber interfacing, ALPhANOV can build custom turn-key multi-100-Watt monolithic laser amplifiers with superior stability. They can be tailored to meet specific requirements in terms of power, temporal regime and other functionalities.

Depending on your expectations, we may directly propose you to try our existing solutions such as our S-FA-HP and S-FA-HP+, (you can download the datasheets below), which are relying on Yb-doped microstructured fiber architectures with superior stability. 


These amplifiers are based on a co-forward pumping, enabling some ease of use compared to a  counter-propagative architecture. It can be actively or passively cooled depending on the average power you are targeted.
If needed, we can integrate isolators and pre-amplifiers, and we can also offer the pumping modules as an option. In any case, ALPhANOV will optimize the performances for your operational regime.

Do not hesitate to challenge us by sending your technical requirements !


Be sure our team will be willing to face it.


S-FA Datasheet


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