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ALPhANOV studies and develops custom kW-class combining solutions at several wavelengths, such as 1064nm or 1550nm, with optimized thermal performances and enhanced brightness.

To achieve this, particular attention is paid to thermal dissipation, taking into consideration the wavelength impact, which is different whether the laser is at 1064nm or at 1550nm. For instance, polymers have a stronger absorption at 1550nm than at 1064nm, and both assembling and dissipating strategies must be adapted accordingly.

As a result of our unique know-how in fiber interfacing and state-of-the-art splicing equipment, we can optimize the brightness of our combiners and treat fibers in order to minimize the thermal behavior without any active dissipator. It is by doing this that we can provide an optimized combining solution compatible with kW usage. A specific packaging is also carefully developed for each combining solution.
Several kW-class combiners @1064nm and @1550nm have already been successfully realized, with a thermal slope of less than 0,04°C/W.



Killowatt-class combiners

The packaging is optimized
to dissipate the heat


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