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LAMIPoC - Mass production of microfluidic devices


Analyzing the potential of ultra-fast (femtosecond) laser technology for the mass production of microfluidic devices.

Project Subject:

The LAMIPoC (Laser Assisted Microfabrication of POC diagnostic microfluidic devices) project, supported by the Euroregion, focuses on large-scale microfluidic device production using ultra-fast laser-assisted microfabrication technology.
Microfluidic devices are ideal for medical application when performing electrical, photonic or plasmonic experiments on individual cells, cellular tissues, or when performing biochemical assays, thanks to their size. Micro-milling is the process most used today in the manufacturing of injection molds intended for the mass production of these microfluidic devices. The problem? The production time and costs associated with conventional micromachining are too high for production batches of just a few hundred units. Femtosecond laser technology has therefore emerged as the most viable solution for fast yet precise micromachining.

Therefore, the intention behind the LAMIPoC project is to carry out a cost-effectiveness study with the aim of identifying a faster and less expensive alternative for the mass production of these microfluidic devices for the health sector. The Leartiker and OSF Plastic project partners will consequently put their expertise to use in the design of microstructures, the development and testing of microfluidic devices (Leartiker) and in the field of plastic injection. This will be undertaken according to injection and injection-compression techniques in order to manufacture the final parts (OSF Plastic) intended for this promising project.

The LAMIPoC project team during the kick-off meeting
The LAMIPoC project team during the kick-off meeting

ALPhANOV's role:

ALPhANOV will furnish the project with its skills in laser micro-machining which are necessary for mold insert micro-manufacturing. ALPhANOV's experience in laser surface texturing will also be useful when considering the possibility of generating new properties on microstructures. For example, the increase in hydrophilicity necessary to promote microfluidic flow, adhesion, and cell proliferation on PoC (Proof of Concept) devices. All these qualifications will allow ALPhANOV to offer complex structures at a lower cost within this project.










Date du début du projet
Wed, 03/01/2023 - 12:00