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LASER4FUN - Surface micro-nano structuring

To develop new surface micro-nano structuring methods using amerging SP/USP laser technologies.

(2015 - 2019)

About the project:

The aim of the Laser4fun project is to develop new surface micro-nano structuring methods (LIPSS, DLIP, DLW and their possible combination) using SP / USP laser technologies.

The main research activity of the project will focus on the laser / material interaction (metals, semiconductors, polymers) and the generation of new morphologies giving the surface innovative key functionalities in the fields of tribology. aesthetics and wettability.

ALPhANOV's role:

ALPhANOV will study and carry out the scaling up of a metal laser blackening process for the appliance industry. During the study, we will use ultra-low power industrial laser sources with high average power and high repetition rates with fast scanning systems. This will achieve high productivities compatible with the industry.